Managing change & risk in your data’s last mile — the consumption layer

3 min readApr 11, 2023

At KADA we can see that organisations are getting better at maturing their data practices. New tools and processes are allowing data data users to manage their pipelines and products like software products. Where it is still a challenge is where your data has the most impact — the consumption layer; where your data meets the business user in the form of datasets, reports & dashboards.

The consumption layer is typically agile, rapidly changing, and loosely controlled by data analysts spread across many teams. Because of this, those responsible for governing and managing data struggle to govern the consumption layer.

This is a big problem, especially for organisations in regulated industries where the use of data must be tightly controlled. Working with our customers who previously had a hard time tracking their Critical Data Elements through their consumption layer has led us to build a game changing feature for expanding the visibility and control over BI tools like Power BI and Tableau.

Introducing change detection for Analytical content: Reports, Dashboards, metrics and code in K (KADA’s data trust platform).

Capture when reports are created, modified and deleted

As someone responsible for data at a regulated Australian bank, I can tell you this is a big deal. This change detection feature gives visibility to all data users about changes that occur in the last mile, saves time and effort when managing changes and incidents, helps you ensure governance across your most critical analytical assets, and ultimately improve the trust your stakeholders have in their data and analytical products.

Tracking changes in calculation logic

Here’s how it works: Our native integration automatically detects and tracks changes in your Power BI & Tableau datasets & reports and alerts you if the changes impact you. There is nothing you need to do in order to enable this feature and gain its benefits. Our change tracking even goes down to the calculation, showing you what has changed line by line.

Imagine the time saved through automated change notifications, and how much easier it is to identify, govern and control critical data as it is exposed to your data consumers. Combined with our usage tracking, we can enable you to perform quick & powerful impact assessments

Changing a dataset can have wide ranging impacts to reports and users.

So if you’re managing a complex Power BI or Tableau ecosystem and looking for a better way to manage your consumption layer, reach out to see how change detection in your data’s last mile can save you time, money and reduce your risk.

Dean Nguyen




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